Better Transactional Email, Thanks userfox

60% of the emails companies send are outside the controls of the marketing department.

Marketing people are good at writing email. Email is the primary marketing channel. Can you imagine if 60% of your codebase could not be edited by your developers?

userfox fixes that: introducing better transactional email. Application defined logic, with a graphic interface to edit and tweak how the emails look and feel.

It's your existing transactional email provider

RESTful API endpoint and Industry leading email deliverability.

Track bounces, opens, unsubscribes, spam reports and click throughs.

No more HTML templates cluttering your codebase

No more email client rendering woes.

75% less code than your existing transactional email provider

Implementing email in web application now a breeze

You can now call user data in transactional emails: name, pricing plan, avatar, activity dates: any custom data you push to userfox, can now be pushed into transactional email. Marketing people love this.

Remind users of their password with an email that doesn't suck. Those post transaction thank you emails that every designer shivers at can now be made gorgeous.