userfox Frequently Asked Questions


A frequently asked questions page is a page that compiles questions our users frequently ask us. Remember that if a question is not answered on this page, you can just email us.

What happens after I integrate?

Nothing unless you've told userfox otherwise!

No emails will be sent unless the messages are activated – and then if they are activated, they'll only be sent to users that match the criteria designed for the message.

Do existing users receive the welcome email?

Existing users do not receive a welcome email – or any email for that matter, unless they match the criteria defined.

For example, the day 0 welcome email would only be sent to existing users that have signed up in the past 24 hours.

Why can some gmail users not unsubscribe?

GMail does something very strange with periods in email addresses. It's quite possible you are receiving userfox email despite never signing up for the product you're being emailed about.

For example, Peter gets email sent to, despite his gmail address being!

At this time there is no easy workaround. A solution may be to either email the product you're being emailed about to figure it out themselves, or design a rule to discard these emails. There is nothing userfox can do to fix this until gmail fixes this.

Google has discussed this here: Receiving Someone Else's Mail.

What happens if my trial expires?

Naturally we'll email you. When you next log in to userfox you'll be asked to pay. You'll still be able to pause your email campaigns should you not wish to resume userfox service.

What happens if I go over my plan limits?

We'll send you an email asking you to upgrade your plan. We're flexible with this and can appreciate that some months explode and others go quiet though.

How much does userfox cost?

userfox has a number of different pricing tiers, you can see our pricing plans here.

How long do emails take to be delivered? What about deliverability?

We use an industry leading email service provider to deliver our email. We do not manage this ourselves, but we keep a close eye on how our emails perform and suffice to say we believe we have pristine deliverability.

userfox typically delivers an email to the right user within 10 to (at very most) 60 minutes. This is something we're always watching and working to improve, but a lot of this is simply reliant on when the end user checks their email: things like polling vs push have significant impact on delivery times.

Transactional emails are delivered near instantly.

Do you have a terms of service or privacy page? If not why the hell not!?

We do indeed! It's here. It used to live in the footer but we moved it to the FAQ in a never ending quest to keep our footer light.

I wish to report a breach in user privacy, data or security

Please contact Cesar Alaniz at and you'll receive our full attention.

Don't forget you can simply contact us for any other questions!