userfox has tons of information about your product. who uses it, what do they use, how frequently, and that is before we think about all the messages and how they perform and convert for your product. we wanted to expose some of this information — without becoming an elaborate CRM or metrics product.

Starting today, you can now see what users userfox has seen from your product, and what custom data we have for them. We'll also expose what emails we sent to them in the near future.

We built this feature explicitly to help developers who are implementing userfox, it can feel scary to simply send userfox lots of data and assume "it'll do the right thing" when it comes to sending email. Previously we exposed no information about if we were actually seeing your users. That changes today.

You can access this feature by clicking the "users" icon in the sidebar of userfox, when logged in.

A CRM For Your Users?

I don't really understand why it is valuable to see individual users if you have tens of thousands of users, I am happy to be persuaded to build our user view into a gorgeous fully featured CRM, but right now I think it does a great job at helping you understand how userfox works.

I think the future feature of "what emails we sent" to a specific user is equally killer, but I doubt we'll go double and triple down on this view, unless feedback tells me otherwise! Our focus, as ever, is helping you send better, more effective, higher converting, beautiful emails. So that you can spend more time building your product, not gazing at pretty dashboards.