I have a philosophy of helping new userfox customers do the most least thing when it comes to improving free to paid trial conversions.

Sure you could spend weeks optimising and ensuring you have every edge case and persona of user handled, but a lot of the time you can extract, 60% or 70% of the value of email marketing just by spending a morning or day setting the solution up.

That way you can — for lack of a better word — circle back on it when you either have more time, or you're now fully sold on the solution.

Sure, some companies instantly want to do everything and are willing to spend multiple days doing this — but in a world where companies are constrained by technical time allocation, they're rare.

Me to almost every company with a free trial:

What I'd like to see you do is migrate your welcome email to userfox, and then send an additional 3 emails to users that are on trial state. I think you'll be impressed by the impact of this, and then we can ramp up from there.

But I think this concept applies not just to using external products, but is also an important attitude to have inside your company. Maybe you're working on a new feature that is not core to your business: what is the least you can do to solve the problem?

This is the attitude we applied when we made a "CRM for your users".