A lot of companies send a monthly newsletter. You know, it discusses what the company has been working on recently, any interesting press coverage, and is generally a good way to remind your users that you're around.

Today we're shipping our newsletter feature!

The Killer userfox Newsletter Feature (s)

We always like to launch these kinds of features — ones where typically you already have a solution, or a solution in mind — with a killer feature. A feature that convinces you to trust that we know what we are doing, one that is harder for other solutions to offer, and so on. At a high level, I think "can we build this feature 10x superior to existing solutions?" well...

Can we make this feature 10x superior to existing solutions? (tweet this)

1. You can send a newsletter to a segment of your users. Eg: only paid users. only expired users. only users that signed up two weeks ago. I think the benefit of this is obvious: a better targeted newsletter will result in better open rates.

2. Send this email to all new users too. Suddenly you can write an email "announcing userfox newsletters" and send that to every one of your users, but that newsletter isn't just fire and forfeit — now you can ensure this content is recycled and sent to a user that signs up tomorrow, or next week, or next year. That newsletter can be automatically added to the welcome drip sequence. It's a really neat way of having more content at your disposal, without having to sit down and consciously write it.

In fact, the email we sent to our users to announce this very feature — was sent by userfox — and uses the userfox newsletter — and any new users going forward, will receive this announcement 14 days after they sign up.

This feature is free to use, and users on paid plans who have access to custom data - can send custom data powered (segmented) newsletters.