I had heard of Buffer from two really interesting twitter users in the space of a few weeks. The first, was Andrew Chen. And the second, was Hussein Kanji. My question to both of these users was the same: do you spend all day reading the internet and that is how you constantly tweet such interesting articles?

Nope, they both used Buffer.

Buffer lets you queue up social media postings and share them at predetermined times. You can queue 12 articles and have them sent out over a week. No brainer, right?

So I signed up for Buffer and subsequently received a short and sweet welcome email from Joel. I think I replied "thanks for reaching out" or something. Lots of people have discussed this strategy — and this email in particular. In todays age of marketing automation creating this email is straight forward.

Explaining how to send this email is obvious. But everyone has missed the other side of the story, and the reason why this email works: if you hit reply, Joel replies. This is why this email is powerful rather than sleazy. It isn't because this email is sent 27 minutes after you sign up or something.

Imagine how you'd feel if you hit reply to this welcome email, and it went to no-reply@?

You can send plain text emails from userfox, but we believe the trust and warm fuzzy feeling you get when you interact with Buffer should also be encouraged, so when you use our plain text feature — we ask that you ensure that the email goes to a human, and that you reply. You'll develop meaningful relationships, learn about your customers, and not risk breaking their trust by disappointing them when they realise you're a bot.