We're gradually working on a marketplace where you can hire growth related service providers. Think of it as, "I need a growth hacker who focusses on Software as a Service" — and userfox will connect you to a relevant person.

By the way, if you need a growth hacker who focusses on Software as a Service, might we suggest:

We also want to show examples of work, both for specific writers, and also as a userfox showcase. So we figured, why not pay the cost of copywriting for userfox customers? This is a limited time offer, we're not Color or anything. But hopefully it'll whip Hacker News into a frenzy.

We've got copywriters and we'd like them to write up to 5 emails for your business. Spend the 15 minutes integrating with userfox, and we'll do the rest. Given the improvement in conversion and retention you'll see, we're basically paying you to use userfox.

Oh, and these are genuine full time copywriters. Not just a co-founder moonlighting!

Claiming your free copywriting service

Simply register for userfox and integrate the javascript with your web application. (By the way, we have a helpdesk to assist with integration.)

The moment you've done this, the userfox user interface will change to enable you to communicate with our copywriting team.