tl;dr: we’re introducing custom data: the ability to send welcome emails to a subset of your user base.

Last month, your welcome email was this:

Day Subject
1 Welcome to BaconSaaS!

Then one day, you were browsing Hacker News, and discovered a post titled "Show HN: userfox — Better Welcome Emails" and you registered, noting the fantastic and friendly presence from the co-founder, pclark, (hi.)

userfox says it takes 15 minutes, but between accidentally knocking your coffee over, and battling with your deployment strategy, userfox realistically took an hour to integrate. But after that, this was your welcome email sequence!

Day Subject
1 Welcome to BaconSaaS!
4 My favourite 3 BaconSaaS features...
7 Happy week-iversary! How are you finding Bacon SaaS?
14 3 resources to getting the most out of BaconSaaS

Not only that, but these emails were mobile optimised, and you could track deliveries, opens and click throughs. So many nice to have things that you’d never have found time to build yourself...

A few weeks passed. Good job userfox, everything is good and you totally forgot about this little service. Then one day you saw another Hacker News submission titled, "Better Welcome Emails Better" and noticed that hey, it was from the little fox that could... You clicked through, nodding in agreement about the annoyances of deployment strategies, but mostly wishing the blog author would cut to the chase and explain what the hell "better welcome emails better” were compared to simply "better welcome emails."

Better Welcome Emails Better Use Custom Data To Determine If A User Should Receive The Email

With this feature, userfox can now send "your trial is expiring, BaconSaaS user!!" to only users that are on a free plan.

This feature is trivial to integrate. You simply push us the data via the userfox javascript snippet, like so:

Where it says "pricing_plan" — thats the name for the custom data you're pushing. Where it says "free" that's the custom data for that user you're pushing.

Once you've done this, you'll see the ability to utilise this data when composing or editing an email:

Done sold. Reading this blog post took much longer than using this feature.

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