Every web application has countless little emails they fire out. Welcome emails used to be one, but hopefully you're now using userfox for that now. But there are others, invitations, reminders, password recoveries, post-transaction thank yous, notifications, and so on.

Today userfox is announcing a full transactional email API. With a simple REST command, you can fire an email where some or all of the content is determined by either code logic, or the userfox API.

These emails often have a line or html insert of application defined logic, which is then wrapped in copy. With userfox transactional, you get the best of both worlds: the application logic but also the graphical editor and marketing tools to manage the copy wrapping.

Why do this? Because managing templates, subject lines, email content is a process that should not involve technical resources. Your marketing, operations or growth teams should be able to iterate on this stuff without constantly badgering developers.

Sending these emails via userfox means unsubscriptions, opens and clicks are tracked. Heck, you can even enable and disable these emails from firing via a user interface. Tweaking the email template doesn't suck, and doesn't remain in limbo in your git repository until it goes live. It just works.

Some of our customers that have been testing this feature noted a double digit improvement in opens and subject lines by being able to effortless tweak and play with these emails that are traditionally set in stone.

A side benefit? You can send unlimited of these emails on any userfox pricing plan. Unlimited transactional email for $49/month.