I love helping people became experts at domains outside their core competency. For example, a bootstrapped lone founder — someone who has never even thought about marketing before — using userfox actually becomes a pretty great email marketer.

Why? Because we empower you to do things you didn't realise were not only possible, but things that work.

And today we're shipping A/B testing, a feature that essentially allows you to double down on what messages are working, and to figure out why a message may not be working.

I think I am most excited to finally ship A/B Testing today because we're entering uncharted territories.

I think I am most excited because we're entering uncharted territories. Every company sends email, but before today it has not been possible to test and improve them.

I can appreciate companies like MailChimp do a fantastic job at newslettering, and their A/B testing functionality is very deep — but that is "just" newsletters.

What about those emails that drive $$$ — the email you send to up-sell your paid packages, for example?

We're already seeing open rates increase, conversions explode — I think a month from now we'll have some incredible learnings for our customers and the email marketing community.

You should explore our A/B Testing feature here.