You can now integrate userfox with salesforce, or other CRMs that support BCC integration.

userfox salesforce integration

In fact, you can use this feature for any sort of thing: such as sending emails to an archive mailbox. But BCC-ing a CRM is the primary use case.

What does this mean?

It's now possible to see all the communication between your company, and a specific user. Previously with userfox, you could see all automated, behavioral, transactional and newsletters sent to a user – but if you had a sales team, they were left in the dark about what emails had been sent automatically.

We have a lot more planned for this kind of functionality, but for a lot of our customers all they want is to simply have the emails that userfox sends, be accessible inside their CRM.

Salesforce customer and want to use this feature? This support document on their knowledgebase will explain how to find your unique email token.

Et voila!