You can now send emails to users based on when they last visited your site.

We're calling them inactivity emails, and they're the first campaign of emails that would be really really hard for you to build yourself.

Here is an example: If a user with 3 or more colleagues hasn't visited my site for 14 days, send this email.

Inactivity emails are the perfect way to engage users that signed up, but then due to either your fault (perhaps, lack of product polish) or their fault (perhaps, due to lack of their engagement) weren't delighted by your product. You can now email those users as a separate campaign.

It gets even more powerful when you consider the example we gave above: yep, you can use advanced filters (as many as you like!) to target specific types of people. You don't have to send the same inactivity email to all users, in fact, you could just send a singular campaign that targeted the 1% of your audience that you really care about.

How it works

We know when your users last visited the site because our javascript snippet sits in your footer. From this, its easy to work backwards and ascertain the users "last seen" date.

You can use inactivity emails on existing – and even imported – users. For existing users, same thing as above applies: we know when they last visited because of the footer.

For imported users, we count the import as a "visit" and then begin watching to see if they return after that date. If your first inactivity email is after 14 days, they won't receive an email until 14 sequential days of them not visiting. Emails won't send instantly.